1300 nm VCSELS with active region based on InGaAs/InGaAlAs superlattice for long-distance transmission

Physical optics

We present the comprehensive study of laser performance of 1300 nm wafer-fused vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers. Lasers with 5µm buried tunnel junction diameter demonstrate a stable single mode operation in the wide temperature range with maximal output optical power of 6 mW and above 1.5 mW at 20 °C and 80 °C respectively. Based on small-signal analysis the maximal modulation frequency of 8 GHz at 20 °C was estimated. Further increase of the temperature up to 85 °C led to dropping of maximal small-signal modulation frequency down to ~6 GHz at -3dB level despite of remaining of rather high current modulation efficiency about ~2.7 GHz/mA0.5.