Integrated optical transceiver based on III-V microdisk laser and photodiode

Experimental technique and devices

In this work, we study III-V p-i-n photodetectors and disk microlasers in terms of their static and small-signal modulation frequency response. InGaAs/GaAs quantum welldots (QWDs) are used as the active region of the devices to provide operation wavelength around 1.1 µm, high optical and frequency response and temperature stability of characteristics. 30 µ m-in-diameter microdisk lasers revealed CW output power level of 15–22 mW and error-free 10 Gbit/s data transmission at 30 ºC without temperature stabilization. The microdisk laser and the p-i-n photodiode were heterogeneously integrated on a silicon substrate by Au-Au thermocompression bonding to form a compact transceiver. Detection of microlaser emission by the closely placed p-i-n photodiode is studied. The absolute value of the responsivity of the waveguide detector as high as 0.68 A/W for the unbiased device is demonstrated. The efficiency of the optical link at the level of 1.4% is achieved. Approaches to obtain higher efficiency of the optical link are discussed.