Ferroelectric films for renewable energy

Physical materials technology

This paper shows the results of the development of an energy harvester based on hybrid carbon nanostructures. SiO2/TiN/LiNbO3 and SiO2/TiN/BaTiO3 samples were fabricated by pulsed laser deposition to study the piezoelectric effect. It is shown that the obtained nanocrystalline ferroelectric films exhibit a stable piezoelectric effect, which weakly depends on the nanoscale structure. An energy harvester architecture based on hybrid carbon nanostructures is developed. The use of the developed technology will improve the operational parameters of the converters, as well as replace toxic materials in their composition with lead-free ones, reducing the harmful anthropogenic impact on the nature. The obtained results can be used to create promising lead-free energy harvesters based on ferroelectric films for renewable energy and internet of things devices.