Features of the nanostructure formation in the Nd-Pr-Fe-B-system alloys: a study by AFM and MFM

Physical materials technology

In this work, polycrystalline samples of hard-magnetic materials of (Nd1– xPrx)2Fe14B general formula have been prepared and subjected to severe plastic deformation (SPD). Thereafter the features of nanostructure formation in the compounds were investigated before and after SPD using atomic force microscopy and magnetic force one (AFM & MFM). The differences in texture formation were revealed when studying the surface microstructure of both the initial and deformed samples. The initial ones prepared by the Czochralski method, exhibited the columnar structure, while the SPD samples exhibited the concentric rings containing elongated nanosized crystallites. The magnetic domain structure was visualized using the MFM that clearly demonstrated the relationship between the microstructural features and the magnetic domains’ configuration.