Study of the anisotropy of critical currents in 2G-HTSC tapes by a non-contact method

Condensed matter physics

A simple and reliable method for determining the critical current of a HTSC tape is a non-contact method based on capturing the magnetic flux by a closed superconducting ring made of this tape and measuring the magnetic field in the center of the ring with a field sensor. This method also makes it possible to obtain the dependence of the critical current on the magnetic field by applying a magnetic field locally on a small section of the tape. A local magnetic field can be created using strong permanent magnets, which also makes it possible to apply the field at different angles relative to the plane of the tape and to determine the anisotropy of critical currents. Using this method, experiments were carried out on rings made of a SuperOx HTSC tape at T = 77 K and in a magnetic field up to 4 kOe. The values obtained for the anisotropy of critical currents are in good agreement with the data given by the manufacturer.