The relativistic uniform model: the metric of the covariant theory of gravitation inside a body

Theoretical physics

In the paper, it has been established that the sum of stress-energy tensors of the electromagnetic and gravitational fields, the acceleration and the pressure ones inside a stationary uniform spherical body vanishes within the framework of relativistic uniform model. This fact significantly simplifies a solution of the equation for the metric in the covariant theory of gravitation (CTG). The metric tensor components inside the body were calculated, and then they were combined with those of external metric tensor on the body’s surface. The latter procedure also allowed us to exactly determine one of two unknown coefficients in the metric outside the body. The comparison between the CTG metric and the Reissner – Nordström one in general theory of relativity clearly demonstrated their difference caused by discrepancy between equations for the metric and a difference in formulations of the cosmological constant.