Direct numerical simulation of the turbulent Rayleigh – Bénard convection in a slightly tilted cylindrical container

Simulation of physical processes

Results of direct numerical simulation of the turbulent convection in a bottom-heated cylindrical container have been presented. The height-to-diameter ratio was equal to 1.0. The calculations were performed for two media: mercury (Pr = 0.025) and water (Pr = 6.400) at Ra = 10^6 and 10^8 respectively. To suppress possible azimuthal movements of the global vortex (large-scale circulation) developing in the container, its axis was tilted a small angle with respect to the gravity vector. Structure of the time-averaged flow pattern symmetrical with respect to the central vertical plane was analyzed. Peculiarities of vortex structures developing in the corner zones were revealed. Representative profiles of the Reynolds stresses and components of the turbulent heat flux vector were obtained for the central vertical plane.