Dielectric properties and microstructure of the disintegrated nanogel films of bacterial cellulose

Physics of molecules

The concentration dependencies of dielectric permittivity and dielectric loss factor have been studied for the water suspensions of nanogel films of bacterial cellulose Gluconacetobacter xylinus (BC) disintegrated with the plug knives rotation speed of 15000 and 20000 rpm.  The dipole moments of BC colloids have been evaluated using Buckingham statistical theory of dielectric polarization modified for binary polar systems.  The number of monomer units of cellobiose in the BC colloid being equal to 113, the volume and the characteristic rotation time of the colloid particles were calculated.  The difference between values of dielectric parameters for BC samples disintegrated at 15000 and 20000 rpm were within experimental error.  The constant stoichiometry of BC colloids and the identity of orientation ordering of microfibrills in colloids to that of the BC nanogel films have been shown by dielectric and X-ray studies.