Temperature evolution of lanthanum-strontium manganites magnetic properties

Condensed matter physics

The temperature dependences of the magnetization M(T) for multiferroic single crystal lanthanumstrontium manganites La0.875Sr0.125MnO3 (LSMO-0.125) and La0.93Sr0.07MnO3 (LSMO-0.07) have been obtained. It was shown that the phase transitions (PT) in LSMO-0.07 at TC = 125.8(1,5) K and in LSMO-0.125 at TC1 = 181.2 (1.5) belonged to the second order type. The phase transition in LSMO-0.125 at TC2 = 157.6 (1.5) K is the first order PT. From the M–1(T) curves the values of the magnetic moments were determined. They were equal to μ1 = 2.47(1) μB/Mn and μ2 = 2.82(1) μB/Mn for LSMO-0.125 and LSMO-0.07 respectively.