Features of short-living neutral kaon production in copper-gold nuclei collisions at 200 GeV

Nuclear physics

In this study, invariant transverse momentum spectra and nuclear modification factors of KS mesons produced in collisions of copper and gold nuclei (Cu + Au) at energy of 200 GeV have been measured. The research was carried out using the PHENIX spectrometer located at RHIC. The obtained KS meson nuclear modification factor values were compared with similar ones of η and π0 mesons along with hadronic jets measured under the same conditions. Moreover, the obtained values mentioned were compared with the corresponding data on KS mesons produced in binary collisions of gold and copper nuclei (Au + Au, Cu + Cu) at energy of 200 GeV as well. An analysis of the derived results pointed to the independence of the jet-quenching effect in the Cu + Au, Cu + Cu and Au + Au collisions at energy of 200 GeV from nuclear overlap form produced in these systems.