The electronic structure of excited argon-xenon molecules in the spectral region near xenon excited  states

Atom physics and physics of clusters and nanostructures

The photoionization spectra of ArXe dimer molecules near the excited states Xe* 7p, 6d in the high-energy area 87500 – 90000 cm-1 close to the energy of ionization of molecules were recorded by the method of three-photon excitation of molecules followed by one-photon ionization. There are 12 states of Xe* in this area, two of these states are allowed at three-photon excitation. The spectrum recorded by monitoring the molecular ions ArXe+ has the complicated image. The dissociation limits of two vibrational systems were measured: ArXe*→Ar1S0+Хе*7р[5/2]2 и Ar1S0+Хе*6d[7/2]03. For these excited states the molecular constants and the potential curves were calculated. These data were obtained for the first time.