The multicharged ion plasma under external laser pulse: calculation of its key parameters

Simulation of physical processes

The paper presents a numerical study of laser radiation interaction with cylindrical plasma medium. The model has been described in detail. Non-equilibrium sodium ions were chosen as the active medium and a CO2-laser as an external irradiator. The calculations used the one-dimensional two-temperature single-fluid radiative-hydrodynamic approximation taking into account the non-equilibrium ionic composition and the radiation absorption by plasma due to the inverse bremsstrahlung effect. In the calculations, the used laser pulse characteristics belonged to the range well-studied experimentally; e.g. the intensity of the incident laser radiation was about 100 TW/cm^2. The performed calculations were aimed at the development of research on the creation of active laser media based on the multicharged ions’ transitions working in the extreme UV and soft X-ray bands.