Optical absorption and Raman scattering mapping of nanoparticles patterns formed in glass by nanosecond laser in UV, VIS and IR

Physical materials technology

The paper is devoted to optical study of silver nanoparticles formed in a glass enriched with silver ions upon irradiation with nanosecond laser in UV, VIS and IR. The silver ions were introduced in glass by ion-exchange procedure.  The silver nanoparticles were patterned to form spot-like (irradiation with individual laser pulses) and lines-like (laser pulses overlap on the glass surface) ensembles. Obtained optical absorption maps of spot-like and lines-like  ensembles subjected to additional chemical etching of the glass reveal the impact of laser wavelength, fluence and pulse frequency on the spatial (lateral and depth) arrangement of the nanoparticles in the ensembles. The  applicability of the etched and non-etched spot-like and lines-like ensembles in surface enhanced Raman scattering spectroscopy was demonstrated, and Raman scattering maps of the ensembles were obtained. The homogeneity  of the signal along the ensembles and Raman enhancement factor were evaluated and compared with ones of silver nanostructures formed by other techniques.