A comprehensive study of electroluminescence and temperature distribution of “UX:3” AlInGaN LED

Physical electronics

Comprehensive analysis of current spreading, temperature distribution and nearfield electroluminescence of high-power “UX:3” AlInGaN emitting chips with a distributed system of reflective contacts, located on the back of the chip, has been performed by combination of different experimental methods. Current dependences of power and spectral characteristics, including their distribution (mapping) over the emitting surface, were studied in a wide range of operating currents. A thermal resistance evaluation was based on transient electrical processes under heating by direct current and analysis of thermal equivalent circuit (the Cauer’s model). The high resolution mapping of  electroluminance and thermal radiation was obtained by optical microscope and infrared images technique. It has been established distribution pattern of light and temperature at different levels of excitation. The conclusions were drawn about the degree of uniformity of the current and light spreading and their influence on the power characteristics of devices.