Photoluminescent α-NaYbF4:Er0.02Ce0.02Zn0.1 nanoparticles for bioimaging in visible and infrared ranges

Biophysics and medical physics

Nowadays noninvasive optical technologies require multifunctional nanomarkers, that can perform photoluminescence in different ranges of spectrum to provide broad possibilities for bioimaging. Photoluminescent nanoparticles doped with rare earth elements meet these requirements and are very promising for biological tissue visualization. α-NaYbF4:Er0.02Ce0.02Zn0.1 nanoparticles were characterized, had narrow and intensive photoluminescent peaks.
Experiments were carried out on visualization in the visible and IR ranges of the spectrum. It was shown that a long photoluminescence lifetime made it possible to use the method of timegated luminescence imaging. Visualization experiments with phantoms of biotissue both 3.5% fat milk and distilled water showed that nanoparticles can be used for multipurpose bioimaging.