Improving metrological characteristics of a frequency standard based on cesium atoms

Experimental technique and devices

The necessity of constant modernization of quantum frequency standards (QFS) - atomic clocks, which are used in satellite navigation and telecommunication systems to solve new problems in terms of the speed of transmission of large amounts of information, etc., is substantiated. It is noted that among all atomic clocks, cesium QFSs occupy a special place. These standards are the primary frequency reference upon which the international time scale is based. The main goal of all QFS upgrades is to improve the metrological characteristics. In the case of its use on moving objects, its dimensions, weight and power consumption also become important characteristics. The article presents one of the options for reducing the influence of negative factors on the stability of the QFS. The problem of modernizing the cesium frequency standard by including a device for monitoring and stabilizing the temperature regime of its operation is considered.