Turbulent mixed convection within rapidly rotating heated annular cavities with an axial throughflow

Simulation of physical processes

The results of eddy-resolving numerical simulation of a turbulent mixed convection in a system of three identical, rapidly rotating annular cavities are presented. The cavities are heated from the side of the disk surfaces and from the periphery (the same distribution of the surface temperature is set for all the cavities), and heat removal proceeds by an axial air throughflow in the narrow channel, annular within the cavity system. The computations based on the Implicit LES method have been carried out in view of the conditions close to the experiments known from the literature for a single cavity; the rotational Reynolds number was 200,000, the grid dimension was 17 million cells. The complex multiscale flow structure and the influence of the input aerodynamic and thermal conditions, which are not identical for the cavities included in the system, on the local heat transfer from disk surfaces are discussed.