Diquark parton distribution functions based on the light-front AdS/QCD quark-diquark nucleon model

Nuclear physics

In the paper, we present a phenomenological unpolarized parton distribution functions (PDFs) for diquarks based on the light front soft-wall AdS/QCD quark-diquark nucleon model. From a probed model consistent with the Drewll–Yan–West relation and quark counting rule, we have performed a fit of some free parameters using known phenomenological data of quark PDFs. The model considers the entire set of possible valence diquarks within the nucleon. In our investigation, we focused on the spin-0 (ud)0, spin-1 (ud)1 and spin-1 (uu)1 valence diquarks in the proton. The diquark PDFs obtained can be used in proton-proton collision simulations.