Suppression of the hadronic yields in the uranium nuclei collisions at the different quark’s composition of the produced particles

Nuclear physics

This paper presents invariant spectra, nuclear modification factors and ratio of invariant spectra of light mesons, obtained in collisions of heavy uranium nuclei at 192 GeV. These values are studied with respect to transverse momenta, numbers of nucleon-nucleon collisions, numbers of participants and centrality. Light mesons production measurements are important in the study of heavy ion collisions, serving as hard probes of the quark gluon plasma (QGP). The research of light mesons in U + U collisions at 192 GeV allows discriminating the effects of hot matter depending on the geometric characteristics of the colliding heavy nuclei. The obtained results showed independence of the fragmentation of hard partons on the mass and composition of quarks and the absence of the influence of the geometric form of the colliding nuclei on the jet-quenching effect.