The water vapor conversion during the interaction between an evaporated hydrogen fluoride solution and carbon in the filtration combustion mode

Physical materials technology

The results of laboratory studies of the water vapor conversion when an evaporized aqueous solution (EAS) of HF and oxygen is being fed into a stationary layer of granular graphite have been presented. It was established that the characteristic time for the water vapor conversion upon the contact of the EAS of HF with carbon at a temperature of about 1500 K was 10 s. Comparison of the experimental results with the literature data on high-temperature interaction of water vapor and carbon showed that HF had little or no effect on the rate of this interaction at a temperature of about 1500 K. Our method derived from the high-temperature interaction of the EAS of HF with carbon can serve as the basis of an industrial technology for the dehydration of an aqueous solution of HF, including azeotropic one.