The structure of ZnTPP, ZnTPP-C60 thin films and X-ray effect on their photoluminescence

Condensed matter physics

The paper presents the results of studies in properties of ZnTPP and nanocomposite ZnTPP-C60 films prepared under quasi-equilibrium conditions. The films’ composition, structure and surface morphology have been investigated. Inequality in the optical absorption and photoluminescence (PL) spectra of ZnTPP solution and ZnTPP film was testimony to the formation of a regulated phase with the 745 nm-phosphorescence at room temperature. The X-ray effect on the PL spectra of ZnTPP and ZnTPP-C60 films was considered. The former was rather stable to the used X-ray doses. The dose dependences of electronic and electron-vibrational contributions to the PL emission intensity were different for the latter. A decrease in the emission intensity due to the electronic transition in the composite was caused by a probability increase in an excitation transfer from the carrier to the fullerene C60 and, correspondingly, by PL suppression.