Performance evaluation of Sferocell S80 sorbent in the dynamic mode

Biophysics and medical physics

The crucial factor of septic shock and subsequent multiple organ failure is the contamination of circulating blood with a bacterial endotoxin. The most straightforward approach to mitigating this condition is to remove the endotoxin from the bloodstream. The hydrophobic Spherocel S80 sorbent has been used as an experimental one in the present work. It was synthesized on the basis of regenerated cellulose. The dynamic characteristics of endotoxin interactions with the hydrophobic sorbent under flow conditions were studied using chromatographic columns of different sizes. The effects of the rate and perfusion duration on LPS binding by Spherocel S80 were evaluated. The endotoxin quantity in every taken sample of the perfusate was determined through a chromogenic LAL test. The implemented process showed that the sorbent Spherocel S80 proved successful under flow conditions due to its selective, capacitive, and hydrodynamic characteristics. Moreover, the sorbent was as efficient in LPS elimination as the conventional ones, ensuring the required degree of LPS elimination both in biotechnological preparations and biological liquids.