The wireless network of controlled energy-effective LED lighting sources

Experimental technique and devices

This article is the result of works on the treatment and the practical realization of a branching WPAN of the LED controlled energy-efficient light sources having the architecture of the EEEI 802.15.4 Standard (MAC and PHY layers).Either of the two layers provide a means for rendering the data and the management services for the transmission and the reception of the PHY protocol data units. This WPAN comprises an five-color emitting module with a control processor, power drivers, and a controlling part with appropriate software and a short-range 2.4 GHz radio-frequency channel for information exchange with an emitting module. Star is used as the basis for the network formation. As a coordinator PAN would allow the option of using either PC or the remotely controlled desk. Such a PAN configuration provides to conduct a test mode, installation, a control and micro-program store in the desk or LED light sources. In a round-daily energy-saving mode the PAN operates under a program with the desk. A software development which consists of six programs for all transfer types in the PAN was made.