Local analysis of semiconductor nanoobjects by scanning tunneling atomic force microscopy

Condensed matter physics

The features of the I-V measurements in local regions of semiconductor nanostructures by conductive AFM are discussed. The standard procedure of I-V measurements in conductive AFM leads not infrequently to the thermomechanical stresses in the sample and, as a consequence, non-reproducibility and unreliability of measurements. The technique of obtaining reproducible current-voltage (I-V) characteristics is proposed. According to the technique, a series of measurements of the selected scanning area in the mode of conducting AFM should be taken, each at the certain value of the potential. According to a series of scans I-V curve at a particular point (for any point of the scan) was plotted. The program is realized in the LabVIEW software. The proposed method extends the capabilities of scanning probe microscopy in the diagnosis of nanostructured semiconductor materials.