An experimental study of industrial air disperse flows

Physical optics

This paper studies the dependence of optical parameters on the aerosol particle average diameter. The air disperse flows were generated using a special duster set-up. This set-up operates in a closed gas circuit with pulse aerosol material injection and makes it possible to sense the air disperse flows by simultaneous laser emission with different wavelengths through both the spectral transparency and integrated light scattering methods. The authors put forward a procedure of the inverse problem solution for the industrial aerosol flows dumped into the atmosphere obviating the application of integral equations by solving the direct problem system by jointly using the two laser sensing methods mentioned above. It was found that the aerosol particles size distribution function could be reconstructed according to the average volume surface diameter being measured in the aerosol flow at the output into the atmosphere. Those measurements could be taken by laser sensing methods based on the Mie scattering theory. The procedure described can serve as a basis for engineering instruments of industrial flows monitoring in real-time processing.