Type LED dynamically controlled light sources for novel lighting technology

Experimental technique and devices

The article deals with the creation of the LED light sources on the principle of RGB mixing. The design of the high-power (up to ~ 3000 lm) dynamically controlled semiconductor light source based on the matrix of multicolor emitting crystals has been developed. This lighting instrument comprises an emitting module with a control processor, power drivers, and a controlling part with appropriate software and radio-communication channel for information exchange with an emitting module. An analysis in every detail was made, and a network configuration was worked out on the basis of the ZigBee technology for various network coordinators. A circuit for blocking-out the power LED drivers was set up for heavy current (1.5 A). The polychromatic LED matrix including a monolithic white crystal was designed. As a whole the product developed is a finished system of dynamic lighting that maintains the optimal light environment for human life.