XXVII Всероссийская научная конференция студентов-радиофизиков


The paper discusses the 17th All-Russian scientific conference of undergraduates specializing in radiophysics, which took place on April, 22–23, 2014 in Petrodvoretz in the educational center of Saint Petersburg State University (SPbSU). About forty undergraduates and postgraduates and lecturers from Saint Petersburg’s institutions of higher education took part in the conference. The most number of reports were presented by SPbSU (9) and SPbSPU (5), and their total number was 35. The reports presented were written on a diverse range of subject matter, such as vibration theory, radiation and propagation of electromagnetic waves, electronic devices and systems, quantum radiophysics, and physical phenomena studied by radiophysical methods. Two reports from SPbSU got the 1st degree awards: (i) I.V. Ageev's “The short review of results of high-temperature measurements of electromagnetic radiation scattering intensity in glasses and their melts”; (ii) E.A. Danilogorskaya's “On the horizontal gradients contribution in errors of object positions establishment with global navigation satellite systems”.