Phan models of electric field of nucleons and electrons

Theoretical physics

In this article, we construct a model which describes the potential of electric charges distribution using degenerate partial differential equations. It has been proved that the potential of the electron cloud in the hydrogen atom being in the ground state and a hydrogen atom itself can be described by such equations. This description obviates the need to use the notion of a point charge. The medium properties are modeled by the equation coefficients, which can turn into infinity, solutions being sought in a certain class of functions. We name the constructed models “phan models”. We put forward a construction technique of phan models for different media containing divided charges, such as colloids and biological media. The models may be used in suprachemistry to calculate force interactions between the particles. Phan models are close to the Maxwell ones. Their applications are promising for cases when the quantum-mechanical calculations are too complex and conventional electromechanical models are not able to reflect accurately the medium properties. The examples given show the possibilities for the further development of phan theory.